Costume orders are placed in October and costume deposit must be paid by your child's first October lesson. This deposit includes the cost of tights and T-shirt for recital. Costume balance will be billed in May.

Ballet, Tap, and Creative Movement       $75.00

Ballet, Tap, and Pre-Jazz                        $75.00

Ballet, Tap, and Jazz                              $125.00

Hip Hop (if taking only hip hop)             $75.00

Extra Classes $60.00



Recital fee is due in February. This fee covers the expense of Howard Auditorium rental, Howard employees, backstage personnel, sets, programs, etc. Recital fee is non-refundable.Recital Fee

Recital Fee                               $75.00

Two Dancers                            $100.00

Three Dancers                          $125.00

Please Note: Expect an increased statement amount for the months of December, February and May due to these fees.